Application info - Admission requirements  Academic requirements: Any university degree already obtained or to be obtained in the year of application, proven with a Bachelor’s certificate or a Master’s diploma. Please note that BA certificates obtained before the current academic year must be presented electronically the latest by April 15th. If you are graduating from your BA programme this academic year you must provide an official transcript of all completed semesters and a letter from your university indicating the time of issuing your BA certificate by April 15th. Without these documents we cannot guarantee the acceptance and processing of your application.

Language requirements: B2 level English language proficiency.

Programme-specific requirements: Admission is based on the applicant’s professional portfolio, including their previous work and on their personal introduction at the admission interviews. This way, prospective students are selected based on their talent, abilities and previous achievements and works.


Professional portfolio

The portfolio upload instructions, as well as access to MOME’s webhosting service will be shared with all applicants in May/ June. Portfolios will be reviewed by a committee of our professors. Applicants following the selection of the portfolio review will be invited for an admission interview. Those invited will be sent an email with the exact date and time of the interview later.

Upload period: 6 May 2024 – 3 June 2024


Admission Interview 

As for the admission interview, please bring a copy of your application portfolio material, and proof of payment of the application fee to the interview. Our international applicants will be able to participate in the interview online.

Date of interview: 1 July 2024 - 5 July 2024

To access the steps to apply for a programme, click on the following links:

Photography MA  

Interaction Design MA  

Design MA  

Animation MA  

Art and Design Management MA   

Designer-Maker MA  

Do you need help?

If you are an international applicant, feel free to contact Kata Kovács, the coordinator of our intenational programmes, and book an appointment online, so that you can easily discuss your questions about administration. 

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