Dorm and living costs

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MOME provides dorm places to its international students who are eligible for the Regional Social Mobility Scholarship.

The dorm:

  • is located in one of the greenest districts in Budapest;
  • is a 10-minute walk from the campus;
  • was renovated in December 2021;
  • features double rooms with bathroom;
  • has a shared kitchen on each floor;
  • has WI-FI access;
  • can accommodate up to120 students;
  • costs ≈ EUR 50/month.

You can submit your application for a dorm place together with your application for the Regional Social Mobility Scholarship. You will receive an email with detailed information on how to apply for a dorm place after successfully submitting your application for the selected MA.

Living costs in Budapest

Accommodation & transport
  • shared apartment: ≈ EUR 200–390
  • studio apartment: ≈ EUR 400–600
  • public transportation single ticket (bus, tram): ≈ EUR 1.1
  • monthly pass for public transportation: ≈ EUR 11
Shopping in Budapest
  • one carton of milk: ≈ EUR 0.9
  • one bottle of mineral water: ≈ EUR 0.3–0.5
  • one loaf of bread: ≈ EUR 0.7
Nightlife in Budapest
  • one small bottle of beer: ≈ EUR 0.4–0.7
  • one bottle of red table wine: ≈ EUR 2–5
  • one cinema ticket: ≈ EUR 3–5

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1 Nov 2022